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About Eldoret Conference..

eldoret conference logoThe main purpose of the conferences organised by the ‘Oasis International Consulting Ltd is to provide a platform for academics, scholars and researchers to put forward their academic works, concepts, new discoveries, ideas and interpretations of the significance of the economic and cultural interaction. Also, they will meet academics from universities around the world and create alliances to improve their works.

The second purpose of this program is to allow academics to get to know one another closely. Participants will go to the field trip together and take part in the presentation of their works, leading to idea sharing. In addition, they will join in studying the distinctive qualities of the country, leading to the discovery and development of their academic knowledge. This opportunity will enable the academics to apply, improve and develop their works. Besides, they will have a chance to share their ideas and draw on new academic works.

Participants can be able to share ideas by presenting and developing new research and topics. The benefit from conference can enable development and improvement in the topic of the new research and discussion of the result of the research.

Eldoret conference hosts academic research presentations in the following tracks:

  • Business, Economics, Management, HRM and Finance
  • Education, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • ICT, Governance, Economics and education                                 

Oasis International Academic Journals.

Africa International Journal of Management, Education and Governance (AIJMEG)

Africa International Journal of Multidiciplinary  Research (AIJMR)

Published by Oasis International Consulting Ltd.